The Firm


The Firm currently has six (6) lawyers and these lawyers are well supported by a batch of experience clerks and secretaries. The Firm has three (3) main departments, namely Conveyancing and Banking, Corporate, and Litigation.

Other area of laws that the Firm practices includes, amongst others, Commercial Law, Company Laws, Intellectual Properties Laws and Family Laws. By concentrating in certain areas of the law, our lawyers are able to focus on governmental, statutory, regulatory and case law developments in their respective areas to strive to provide our clients with in-depth and up-to-date advice of their particular areas of practice.

In recognition of our clients’ legal needs, which are often multi-faceted and combine several practice areas, our lawyers are able to bridge disciplines effectively by consulting each other on their relevant areas of expertise. This co-operation among our lawyers makes our collective experience and expertise available to every client.